Midwest Westie Fest will require neither masks nor vaccinations for 2022. However, we recommend bringing a mask in case you want to dance with another dancer wearing a mask. If you would like to personally wear a mask, feel free to! We will require the signing of medical wavers for covid risk at the event.

    If you are a person at high risk of serious complications upon catching covid, please note the lack of requirements above. It is your decision and responsibility whether you are going to be safe in the environment allowed at MWF.

Hand sanitizer will be provided at tables around the venue. However, please note that hand sanitation will have a limited effect on the spread of airborne transmitted illness.

    Please note: if you are exhibiting ANY symptoms of sickness in the days leading up to or during the event, we kindly ask that you elect to avoid the event. Nobody enjoys catching sickness, regardless whether the sickness is covid. If we notice a persistent cough or other illness symptoms, we will escort you out of the event!!!

Additionally, if an attendee is wearing a mask, please be sure to ask the other attendee if they would like you to wear a mask.

Please respect the wishes of others at the event (personal bubbles, etc)