Terry Roseborough

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When Terry was eighteen a friend named Tina Miles taught him the basic step to Country Two- Step and took him out to a country club. He then noticed a lot of guys were dancing around the floor and the girls were smiling really big. That’s when he decided that he wanted to dance. He studied all the dancers and picked up all their moves until there was nothing new there to learn. He met a girl who introduced him to West Coast Swing.

He quickly picked up West Coast Swing and joined the Tulsa Swing Club. He went through all the group classes in a very short time and then met Darren Cagle. While still doing country and winning local bar contests, he became more serious with West Coast Swing.

He entered his first West Coast Swing contest in 1986 in a Jack & Jill contest at the local swing club. In 1988 after putting a routine together with the help of his friend Skip Teel he won his first time out. Through much hard work and determination Terry turned professional in 1992. Many people and friends helped along the way, including but not limited too… Mario Robau, Barry Jones, Lori Hayner, Suzanne Mckown, Darren Cagle and Doug Morris.

Just a few accomplishments throughout his carreer:

  • 2009 & 2011 – 1st place Swing dance America Swing/Hustle Crossover
  • 2008 – Dallas Dance Champions SS 1st Place
  • 2006 Hall of Fame Induction
  • 2003 Capitol Swing All Star J&J Champion
  • 1999 Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Strictly Swing Champion
  • 1991 US Open J&J Champion
  • 1989 US Open Advanced J&J Champion