Haider Khan

I got my first taste of West Coast Swing when I took a dance class at the university I attend. It wasn’t until I went to my first competition in 2005 that I fell in love with this dance. I have been competing nationally ever since while placing consistently in Jack n Jills, Strictly Swings and most recently in the Rising Star routine division. I currently compete in the All-Star Division.

I draw my drive to compete from several years of soccer and cricket I played from middle school into my early college. I love the energetic atmosphere that this dance provides and am thankful to all the followers that enjoy the music with me. I have worked with internationally recognized coaches that have up to date experience for the past few years. My current travel schedule keeps me up with the latest music and current on the dance moves that are heating up the competition dance floor.

I love to share my passion for this dance. I regularly DJ, teach privates and workshops. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing a dance floor filled with smiles as you play their favorite tunes. I am available nationally for swing dance lessons and to DJ your local event. I specialize in dance music but I also enjoy DJ’ing other events like parties and organizational events.