Anyssa Olivares

Anyssa Olivares started learning West Coast Swing at the age of 13, and began her dancing career at the age of 14. She started out as the “AM” in Pro-Am Routines as well as Pro-Am Strictlies. Once she started performing she fell in love with the energy instantly and started winning in competitions all over the United States including back to back wins at Dallas Dance. Within the same time frame she teamed up with a junior partner and through the Assistance of Y.A.S.D.A (Young Adult Swing Dance Association), as well as a few others, she continued to tour the country with a Young Adult Routine for the next 4 years until she was incapable of being in that division any longer. She has placed in top 5 In Y.A.S.D.A for the past 4 years.
Y.A.S.D.A Tour Champion of 2012 (Young Adult Swing Dance Association)
Y.A.S.D.A Tour Runner-Up in 2013 (Young Adult Swing Dance Association)
N.A.S.D.E. 2013 3rd Place Jack and Jill Tour (National Association Of Swing Dance Events)
N.A.S.D.E. 2015 Champion of the Jack and Jill Tour (National Association Of Swing Dance Events)
Global Professional Dance Instructors Association Certified
Refer to World Swing Dance Council – Registry Points for Events and history.
She is currently competing in the Professional and Champions Divisions
And now calling home in Denver and travelling frequently around the country and some abroad. She continues to pass on her passion for West Coast Swing whenever possible!! Save her a dance!!

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