Instructors and Judges 2019

Michael Kielbasa and Brandi Guild

Michael and Brandi are masters of their trade. Both known for their talent in multiple styles of dance, they bring a level of experience and teaching expertise unmatched by most couples. Among their many accomplishments are multiple top 5 finishes in the US Open Classic Division with various partnerships.

MWF 2018

Lessons: Brandi

Lessons: Michael

Ben McHenry and Cameo Cross

Ben and Cameo, fondly known as "Bameo", have been a consistent force in the west coast swing world for many years. Both dancing since youth, the couple boasts 6 (now 7?!!!) US Open finals divisions and multiple top 5 placements. Also, they are the event directors for Swingtacular, so don't forget to check out their event as well!

US Open 2018

Ben Morris

Both a Champion Lindy Hopper and a Champion West Coast Swing Dancer, Ben Morris began swing dancing at the age of 12. He is a 2 time World Swing Dance Champion, 3 time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, Spirit of Lindy Hop award winner, California Swing Dance Hall of Fame award winner, and a featured dancer in the movie Love N’ Dancing and the Leann Rimes Music Video “Swingin”.

US Open 2017

Jake Haning and MacKenzie Goodmanson

While one of the newer couples on the west coast circuit, Jake and Mackenzie have shown an electric connection, now sporting a 3rd place finish in the 2018 US Open (watch the video below if you haven't seen it!) They both have multiple years of dance experience under their belt......and MacKenzie can do some crazy splits (which makes one of our event directors cringe from a self inflicted split attempt hamstring tear).

US Open 2018

Kris Swearingen and Toro Eaker

Kris, a true born Kansas Citian, and Toro, an adopted Kansas Citian, have been tearing up the circuit with their new routine (see below). Come check out some of the current central figures to Kansas City swing.

MADJam 2019

Nicole Clonch

Trained from youth, Nicole has the ability to perform moves with insane strength and flexibility. Her innate talent, combined with her hard work, have led to multiple US Open Showcase division titles. Nicole's drive is based upon her passion and love for this dance, which shines through in every venture she crosses.

US Open 2018

Jesse Lopez

A second place finisher in the US Open Showcase Division and Cabaret Division, Jesse knows how to lift (as well as dance of course). Jesse brings a seriously competitive edge to dancing but knows how to kick back and have fun during social dances. Also, we are proud to have him as another one of our current central figures in KC swing dancing.

US Open 2017

Matt Auclair

"Matt is a six-time, national swing dance champion and in the year 2000 he participated in a year long tour called Swing Dance America during which he performed for the ambassadors of six major countries in Tokyo, Japan. The following year, he represented the United States at the Austrailian Jitterbug Championships in Brisbane. In July 2007, when the St. Louis Imperial Dance Club hosted their annual "Academy Awards of Swing," the dance community voted Matt Auclair not only as the Best Male Swing Dancer, but also as the Best Male Swing Dance Instructor in the St. Louis area. Over the Labor Day weekend of that year, he won first place in the Champions Strictly Swing division of the Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Championships, and he is the youngest dancer ever to be inducted into the Dallas Dance Hall of Fame."

We ripped this bio from the website of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TYPE OF SWINGDANCING WHICH ISN'T EVEN MATT'S MAIN DANCE!!! That right there should tell you what a badass Matt is.

Terry Roseborough

Chris and Melissa Moy

Ben Clemons and Linda Cuccio

Carrie Lucas

Debbie Figueroa

Kayla Sloan

Ariel Peck


Ashley Brown

Bella Viramontes

Haider Khan and Aly Yorek

Sheven Kekoolani and Anyssa Olivares

Melissa Moy

Frank Blakemore

Joel Torgeson

Mark and Mary Harris

Faith Musko


Greg Wolf

Katie Fallon

Lawanna Larson

Kris Swearingen

Jeff Moscoritolo


Jeff Moscoritolo

Ben McHenry

Ben Morris

Sheven Kekoolani


Head Judge

Debbie Figueroa


Kelly Strouse


Ariel Peck

Event Directors

Kyle Patel & Aimy Patel

Jacob Gansert & Cari Chestnut