Instructors 2021

AKA "The Fellowship of the Swing"

Matt Auclair

Codename: Legolas

"Matt is a six-time, national swing dance champion and in the year 2000 he participated in a year long tour called Swing Dance America during which he performed for the ambassadors of six major countries in Tokyo, Japan. The following year, he represented the United States at the Austrailian Jitterbug Championships in Brisbane. In July 2007, when the St. Louis Imperial Dance Club hosted their annual "Academy Awards of Swing," the dance community voted Matt Auclair not only as the Best Male Swing Dancer, but also as the Best Male Swing Dance Instructor in the St. Louis area. Over the Labor Day weekend of that year, he won first place in the Champions Strictly Swing division of the Dallas D.A.N.C.E. Championships, and he is the youngest dancer ever to be inducted into the Dallas Dance Hall of Fame."

We ripped this bio from the website of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TYPE OF SWINGDANCING WHICH ISN'T EVEN MATT'S MAIN DANCE!!! That right there should tell you what a badass Matt is.

Desert City 2018

Ariel Peck and Jesse Lopez

Arwen (Ariel) and Frodo (Jesse)

Ariel and Jesse are a talented couple who have recently competed in the US Open (pre-COVID). Ariel and Jesse have been critical to the KC Swing community with their emphasis on quality workshops, lessons, and social dances.

MWF 2019

Kris Swearingen

Codename: Aragorn

One of our local Kansas City greats, Kris has competed in the US Open multiple times over the years. Kris brings a distinctive dance flow and teaching style to the floor.

MADJam 2019

Aimy and Kyle Patel

Galadriel (Aimy) and Gimli (Kyle)

Our beloved creators of Midwest Westie Fest, Kyle and Aimy have decided to teach this year (woo woo!). Kyle is known for his famous dance move "The Ninja Hya".

Michigan Classic 2013

Liz Kuhns and Kris Haney

Eowyn (Liz) and Gandalf (Kris)

Kris and Liz run our local Tuesday weekly social dances. They'll be one of our beginner's track couples as they are known for their inspiring and easily comprehendible teaching style.