The best part of the weekend: Social Dancing.

Get out there, ask someone to dance, and shake your booty!!

General guidelines:
1) Go ask someone to dance! That’s what we’re all here for.
2) You may receive an occasional “no” when asking due to fatigue or thirst (my feet hurt by the end of the night, and I don’t have to wear heels)
3) Stand near (as in just barely off) the dance floor when you want to dance. That way, you can catch someone right after a song ends, or someone will notice that you want to dance by your positioning
4) Ask someone standing near the dance floor to dance
5) Just because someone is sitting, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to dance! Feel free to ask
6) Be polite, smile, and enjoy yourself

Clothing Guidelines:
1) Dress for sweat! Casual is the ruling dress code for late night, but feel free to dress up more than that (at risk of more sweat)
Guys – tshirt, jeans/khakis/chinos are perfectly fine
Ladies – tshirt, yoga pants are the most common
2) Shoes – Ballroom shoes, Latin Shoes, and Toms are the most common although the ballroom/latin shoes may start to hurt if you stay all night
Feel free to wear sneakers if that’s all you have! You can always pick up dance shoes later for your next event 😉

Open social dancing will happen throughout the day and late night (last competition of the day until ????). The ballroom stays open as long as there are dancers on the floor, so stay out there and join the breakfast club.

Danced til you dropped? That’s ok – drink some water, get some rest, eat up, and come back later in the night or the next day!