Midwest Westie Fest is proceeding for 2022 in a workshop style format with non-WSDC competitions on July 15-17, 2022. A special feature of this year’s event is educational based competition judging system! Please, stay safe and socialize responsibly.

Midwest Westie Fest is a West Coast Swing party with 3 main goals:

Ridiculously high quality dance education

  • The best local instructors to bring fresh perspectives
  • Open level workshops to allow dancers of all skill levels to learn
  • 10+ hours of workshops
  • Awesome social dancing

  • Late night dancing til the early A.M.
  • “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”
  • Safety

  • We’re complying with CDC Guidelines to protect our dancers
  • Please see our Health and Safety Policy page for requirements on masks, social distancing, and vaccinations